Cowbells to the Rescue

Posted by on June 25, 2015

The score is tied and you only have one more chance to win the game. The crowd goes silent and in the distance you hear the ding of a cow bell. Your adrenaline is pumping so fast through your body. With the loud cow bell in the background the clock ticks, you shoot/throw the ball and it makes it home!      For generations we have looked to sports for entertainment and pleasure. Humans receive an unfathomable amount of pleasure out of competition and why not enhance the memory with cowbells4u.      Show up to your sporting event or even concert and show your love to the players, distract the opponents or just GET LOUD!       Cowbells4u makes authentic cowbells with strict guidelines to not take away from the sound. With an arsenal of colors Cowbells4u will make sure to have your team color!       Cow bells aren’t just for sporting events. Show some love to the newley weds and ring in a kiss, or when the clock strikes midnight bring in the new year.       As a college athlete the sound of that bell in my corner gives me a feeling of joy and happiness it makes me feel appreciated and shows the support from the crowd.       For more information go to. An article by Joshua Matts

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